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    Following Victoria’s example, it became customary for families to go through elaborate rituals to commemorate their dead. This included wearing mourning clothes, having a lavish (and expensive) funeral, curtailing social behavior for a set period of time, and erecting an ornate monument on the grave.

    Mourning clothes were a family’s outward display of their inner feelings. The rules for who wore what and for how long were complicated, and were outlined in popular journals or household manuals such as The Queen and Cassell’s – both very popular among Victorian housewives. They gave copious instructions about appropriate mourning etiquette. If your second cousin died and you wanted to know what sort of mourning clothes you should wear and for h…

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    WARNING: Read at Your OWN Risk! If You are in any way sensitive to pictures of deceased children, PLEASE DO NOT READ POST! This is a post to share the art of post mortem photography and the way they honored their dead in the past!

    My fascination with Victorian Post Mortem Photography was started by accident. When I started collecting the photos, I had no idea they were no longer alive.

    Years ago I bought a box of old victorian photos and started a collection. I had been purchasing these pics for over a year, when one day I actually sat and stared at one in particular that caught my eye. I kept blinking, rubbing my eyes and looking closer when it dawned on me, the person in the photo was dead. I was already hooked to the art of the photos. A…

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