= The Lost Art of Post Mortem Photography!==


Victorian Photographer

'Toktela'-Victorian Book Of The Dead


Post-mortem photography is the practice of photographing the recently deceased. Music by Toktela.

Okay I guess it's time to speak about this video I made almost 2 years ago & clear up a few things as there seems to be a lot of misunderstandings in regards to my intentions. After spending many many hours / days / weeks looking at postmortem photography I decided to record music that represented the way I felt inside, that feeling wasn't necessarily a nice one, that feeling was the music I created for this video. I'm not going to explain in detail the sounds used to create the music (as I can't remember them) but I can tell you all the sounds used are there for a reason and relate in someway to the subject of the video.

I 100% stand by my decision to use this music & I fully respect the fact that not many will like it. No amount of hatred or abuse will ever change my mind on this subject, as an artist I will always stay true to my own feeling. THE MUSIC ON THIS VIDEO WILL NEVER BE CHANGED.

I have no interest in trying to please the masses, this video was made for me and made the way I wanted it, you're more than welcome to mute it or stop it and go and view some of the other postmortem videos with "nice" music.

As for the flickery video effect that was merely my weak attempt at trying to replicate a late Victorian era film and is something I DO regret, I do agree that it does detract from the beauty of these photos and for that I apologize.

Most importantly I do have a great deal of respect for all of these photos & anyone who disagrees is simply wrong, I find all of them to be beautiful and heartbreaking, I'm sorry if you feel that I have disrespected them as that was certainly not my intention.


C J B / Toktela 2011

I've been informed that the photos used in this video originate from The Thanatos Archive & Paul Frecker, sorry for not including this infomation earlier but I was unaware of where the photos originated.

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